Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why! The simple relaxed life.

Let me fill you in on a bit of history of who I am.  I grew up with 3 sisters living in a inner suburb of Brisbane.  We were the typical family.  Dad went to work.  Mum stayed at home.  We had no car or phone.  We used public transport and public phone.  Mum baked, gardened and sewed.  Typical suburbian family.  I grew up in the 1970's and still to this day I love the era.  Anyway I married when I was 21 and Bill and I are still happily married.  It will be 26 years in a couple of months.

We have 3 amazing children, Sarah, William and Emma and now we have our Grandchildren Callum and Rhiannon (twins), Noah and Eli and another one due in the new year.

  In our early years of marriage we were very focussed on having everything. The new house, new furniture, new cars, latest trends you name we had to have it.  The loans were piling up and so were the credit cards.  Towards the end of 1999 we were living in Beaudesert struggling to put 3 teenagers through education.  The cracks were starting to show and by the middle of 2000 it crumbled around us.  We were bankrupted and with very little money.  Luckily for us we sold the house in time and walked away with $1000 which was enough money to move the family to Redcliffe.  From that day on I realised having everything was not necessary.  I don't blame anyone except ourselves.

Since living at Redcliffe my whole outlook on life has changed.  Recently, well 4 years ago I started my own business focusing on Natural Candles and Soaps.  Opened up my own shop.  Did long hours, early mornings.  Basically started work at 5am and crawled into bed around 11 or 12 at night most nights a week.  Trying to make my fortune.  You know I know it works for some people and I have met over the years some wonderful talented people who had an idea and ran with it and have become very successful from it.  My turn over was starting to grow and my products were available around the country in various boutique outlets but I realised then that I was working so hard I wasn't enjoying life.  Rock bottom hit when I lost my sister (Not getting into that full story but previous blogs I have spoken of her) I realised for me to enjoy my life and enjoy my family I needed to make some obvious major changes again.

Refocussing on the things I love to do I looked at the way my Grandmother, mother and my sisters and I lived growing up.  I slowed down my business, returned to paid employment in an industry that I love and a job that I enjoy.  My business changed, values changed, my prospects in life changed and Green Me Up Granny was created.  I have followed many other blogs,with the same values as me.  A more simple way of living, good green living, back to basic living.  I now garden, cook, sew, create, experiment, preserve, recycle, upcycle, re-use and try to teach others around me who wish to do the same.  I share ideas, recipes, jams, natural products and remedies with others.  I make my own bread, washing detergent, soaps, shampoos, balms, jams etc to save.

I have a 5 year plan. Do you?  I want to live a simple relaxed life.  Eventually moving to Tasmania.  That will be achieved within the next 5 years.  Money I use to spend on useless up to date trends has now gone into savings for that piece of paradise in Tassie.

Do you live a simple relax life?  What major changes have you made in your life to achieve the things you have.

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Sue x


  1. what a lovely, honest post. i gave up teaching because i wasnt being a good mother, wife or teacher, certainly not a job you can do by halves. we are poor but happier. i am hoping to make a new career as a florist and start crafting again. i would love to have a little shop one day selling quirky, retro items..i guess thats my five year plan ~_~
    hope you get to your little piece of paradise, but wont you miss the grandkids??

    1. Yes I will but my eldest daughter said "mum go for it. We are only a plane trip away. So true and when they come to visit it will be quality time. Love your 5 year plan. It will happen.