Saturday, May 4, 2013

Favourite photo of the Week.

I love taking photo's of my family and my favourite things and places I go to.  Each week I will post my favourite photo of the week and tell you what and why it is. 

This photo was taken last Saturday night at 1770 in Queensland.  For those who don't know where 1770 is it is approx 500 kms north of Brisbane.  A small seaside town where there is no traffic lights but an amazing fishing village.  We were camping in the camping grounds which was on the beach front.  This was the sunset last Saturday.  I loved watching the sunset that day.  In my busy life of work I am normally driving home in peak hour traffic and I miss out in enjoying this amazing part of the day.  While we were up there relaxing I found time to really enjoy the simple things.

Do you have a favourite photo of the week.  If so why not share it with everyone.

Have a great weekend everyone.