Saturday, May 31, 2014

Costco's or Not

This Granny lives at Redcliffe so not that far from North Lakes which is the new home of Queensland's first Costco store.  When I first heard about this store I thought no I'm not going to pay a membership to shop at a store.  Yes I have Everyday Rewards Cards, Fly Buy Cards and other shop cards in my bag which are free but to pay for a membership for a year I thought certainly not. 
Driving down the highway every so often I would see the progress of this massive warehouse being built.  In February this year I thought what the heck I will pay my $55 (Business Member) and see what it is all about.  As you are all aware I make soap so I need bulk oils to do this.  My most expensive oils are Grapeseed and Olive Oils which costs are high.  Plus it also means not having to pay for postage from some of the places I purchase these products from.

A few weeks ago I went in with my receipt and business documents to collect my card.  Hubby was with me so he picked up his.  I was wondering how they were going to police people not handing over their cards to their friends.  That was easy each card has your photo on it.  Fair enough I don't have an issue with that at all.

 As we walked out of the area with our new cards we decided to check out the price of fuel.  We have 2 4WDS that use Diesel fuel and in the Redcliffe Area we are paying $1.60.9 cents a litre.  It costs us $100 a week to fill the Colorado. Off to the pump and noticed  Diesel $1.42 cents a litre.  18 cents cheaper than what we normally paid.  Filled the tank up and costs us $88 a saving of $12 straight away.  Great saving already and the shop isn't even opened.  We now fuel up there every week.  A saving of over $20 for both cars.  In 3 weeks we will have our money back.  I thought even if I don't shop there it is worth having the cards just for the savings on fuel.  What I also really liked about the fuel station is no waiting in line to go into a shop to pay.  You use your card at the pump.  The friendly staff there show you how to do it and each time you visit they will check to see if you need a hand with anything.  I know I don't get this from Caltex or Shell in the area.  The staff there are so helpful.

Yesterday we decided to get over to Costco's to visit the store.  We arrived to fuel up first.  Diesel was sitting at $1.44 a litre still so much cheaper that Redcliffe.  We arrived at about 8.15am knowing that Saturday was the third day they were open and the first weekend.  We knew it was going to be busy.  By 9am the parking area was full and the doors opened.

What an amazing store.  Even with the amount of people outside once inside you really didn't notice the amount of people.  Bill, William and I slowly checked out the store.   By 11am my trolley was full and I was happy with the savings I had made.  Yes some things may be a bit dearer or the same price as Woolworths or Coles but most items are great savings.  Their fresh foods are well priced and I am now a converted Costco member.  It was also so great to see so many small Aussie brands in there as well.  I purchased Carmens Muesli bars.  A box of 20 well priced around the $10 mark.  Campfire Marshmallows about $6.  They are so big and we are heading out camping next week.  Sauces were cheap.  We were out of BBQ sauce and seem to go through it so quickly so I was happy to buy a big 4ltre bottle for about $8.  If there are any soapmakers reading this 2 litres of Grapeseed oil is only $13.  Massive savings.  5 litres of olive oil is about $25.  Over to the fresh food and first thing I think about is easy dinner for Saturday night.  Picked up a massive fresh pizza for $11.39.  Only need one.  (BWT did find it hard fitting in the fridge and had to use the downstairs fridge and stood it up).  Softdrinks were cheap.  Coke Can pack of 36 cans $24.    Fresh foods have great savings especially in the meat section and the fridges.  The list of saving go on.  I was happy with what was in my trolley so off to the check  out we go.

Didn't wait long and a lovely lady helps me unload the trolley onto the belt.  Asks for my card and straight away greets me by my name since it is on my card.  I don't get that at Coles or Woolies.  At the register the checkout lady says "How has your morning been Sue". Not use to this much politeness at a shop.  Well done Costco's it is so nice to see good customer service.

All in all I enjoyed the Costco Shopping experience and will definitely return next week.  There will be people who won't like it and will say it is a waste of money.  I suppose if I didn't live so close I may not of joined but I love it.  The savings are fantastic.  Customer service amazing.  Well done Costco's.