Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some rest and relaxation.

The last couple of months have been extra busy with attending markets, my wholesale orders, conducting workshops and as well as my job that pays my bills.  Work has been hectic running a Day Service and a Residential property and yesterday asked to look after another one.  A year of audits and a external audit in two weeks.  That has been the last 6 months of my life.  As you all maybe aware over the last year I have been enjoying time away in our camper trailer but last Friday we picked up our caravan.  Its been two years searching to find the one that would suit us both.

This is our first step to semi retirement.  Our long term outlook is to take Green Me Up Granny on a road trip around this amazing country.  Setting up markets stalls in small country markets and festivals.  Seeing this country.  This is a 3 year plan.  Selling up all our possessions and travel.  Soaping on the road.  Candle making on the road.
Last weekend we took the caravan up over Cunningham's Gap to a gorgeous little place called
 Best brook Mountain Resort.  A three hour drive from Redcliffe but I managed to get Monday off work so it was a weekend of R&R.  Our youngest daughter Emma and her family and in laws were there as well and we also took William and our eldest grand daughter Rhiannon.  A working farm where the children ran around.  Fed the animals, learned how to throw a boomerang, crack a whip and just have fun.  Ride a horse, feed the ducks.
Rhiannon and Eli on the quad bike

Checking out the ducks and duckling

Riding the horse

Grand dad helping out with the horse riding.

Playing with the 3 week old puppies.

My favourite thing was just relaxing and taking in the view.

Sitting around the campfire toasting marshmallows and just relaxing.   Our first weekend in the van was fantastic.  Looking forward to October where we are travelling north to Woodgate for a blissful week of nothing but fishing and relaxing.
Life couldn't be any better.  Roll on retirement.
Sue XX