Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Where has the year gone?

My god where has the year gone.  I was only reading on a comment on Facebook the other day that apparently there is only 15 weeks until Christmas.  Quite scary isn't it.  I had to quickly stop into the supermarket here the other day and notice some of the Christmas food is starting to appear on their shelves again.  Well this year I haven't really started my Christmas shopping.  Only have one present and that is for my eldest grand daughter Rhiannon.  The twins celebrated their 8 birthday earlier in the month and their little brother Noah had his birthday in August.  Off we went to the pet shop here and Grandma bought them fish.  I think their mum is over cleaning the fish tanks by now.  Callum has 2 gold fish and Noah and Rhiannon each have fighting fish so in total 3 tanks to maintain. 

Well looking back over the year it certainly has been a eventful one. Transferring at work into a Management position earlier this year has certainly seen me busy.  Having to say goodbye to an old school friend 3 months ago as she lost her battle with cancer.  Its a funny old world the people who come and go in your life.  I met up with her and her hubby a couple of years ago when we travelled down to Tassie.  That was the pre cancer days.  It is amazing how many old friends you can now find on social media.

A few months ago we traded in the Camper Trailer and upgraded to a 21 foot caravan with nearly everything we need to travel around this country when we retire.  Yes I am now thinking of retirement.  I have a 4 year plan.  This time in 4 years I will not be working fulltime.  We will be on the road travelling around and picking up odd jobs as we go for money.  I will be taking Green me up Granny on the road and spreading my soap love around the country.  I am really looking forward to that.  I have made so many friends who share my passion in creating beautiful items from oils.
Once again thanks to social media this has occurred.  There is now a Aussie soap making  group on facebook and last weekend we had our first meet up.  One of many that will happen around the place.

We had a great couple of hours at Southbank all talking about the one thing that we all have in common.  Our passion for soap making.  Plus we spoke about a lot of other things.

In a couple of weeks I am heading off for a weeks holiday at Woodgate Caravan Park.  Spending the week relaxing and surf fishing.  I will be for sure taking the camera and sharing on this blog.  
I have a few new markets I am attending these days.  Unleashed markets has been a new one I have been part of.  A truly alternative market.  If you are after the unusual you will find it here.  Whether you are looking for vintage, punk, gothic or just something out of the ordinary these are the markets to visit.  I will be attending all of them in SE Queensland up until Christmas.  It is going to be a busy time.  I also have a couple of new wholesale customers coming on board.  The talented Suzi from Co-op Stop and Jen from Green Frog Gourmet Foods.  Plus you can find my soaps locally on the Peninsula Deb at Redcliffe 2nd Hand.
Any way like I said only 15 weekends until Christmas and 9 of them I have market stalls at.  Looking forward to meeting my regular and new customers.