Sunday, July 8, 2012

What does Indigo look like

Yes again I am joining Sister Sun with the colour Indigo.  So what does Indigo look like?    This time only a few photos.  The peacock we spotted when we were up on the Sunshine Coast at the Maze.  The next photo I happen to use in some of my labels for my candles made from Moonlight Musk.  Third photo is Thomas the Tank bunting which my daughter makes.

Have a great week everyone.

Sue X 


  1. I only had a few to pull from the archives too!

  2. just stopping by to have a peek at some of the indigo pics! I had to look hard to find mine too!
    Nice to know that we both see the blue bits in the peacocks...!
    I love that the colour posts are continuing while I'm gone.....thanks for joining in!

  3. who could ever tire of gazing at peacocks, when good looks were given out to birds they were definitely in the right place.

  4. Lovely indigo photos Sue :-)