Sunday, September 30, 2012

Buy nothing new Month.

Today is not only the first day of October it is also the start of Buy Nothing New Month. I have taken the pledge and believe it is very achievable to do.  I love to recycle and upcycle things so hoping to be a great month.  But if I get stuck I will be begging and bartering with my family or friends. 

I truly love heading out to check out the second hand shops in the area.  I have over the years picked up some amazing things and since I am now dieting I believe they will be my best friend for quite awhile.  Plus I know I am helping out a charity.  After my spring clean over this weekend I have 6 bags of goodies heading to the local charity bin to be recycled.
Would love to see others join me on this quest.  It is only for a month.  Lets look at it and see how easy it is.  This does not include essential items like food, medicines, hygiene things.  During this month when you need to buy a non essential item think "Do I really need this"and if you do "Can I buy this second hand".  Most times you can.  We have many websites available.  Ebay and Gum Tree come to mind.  I know in my region at the tip we have the recycling centre plus we have some great shops in the region like Reverse Garbage.  Salvo's have massive shops.
Come join me.  Think of the money you could save and how many items you stop from going into landfill.
Have a great week everyone.
Sue x

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