Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday with friends.

I love this time of the year.  Maybe its the weather.  It truly was a magical weekend this weekend.  William was away on a fabulous Foodies Weekend which by the size of the strawberries he came back with from the farm was an enjoyable weekend.  He headed to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  DH went for a bike ride and I spent the most fabulous time  with two special friends.  Narelle, Melinda and I spent the day exploring Reverse Garbage at Woollongabba.  If you have never been there you are missing out on a wonderful place.  I stumbled across this place when they were at their old site down near the river about 2 years ago and love coming in and picking up my stash of treasures for my creations.  All three of us left there with loads of goodies.  I managed to get some vintage rolls of wallpaper, pink hook things, scraps of bridal material and some strips of sheer fabric in all the colours of the rainbow for my collection.  This place is full of stuff.

After our visit we decided to head to the lunch destination.  A cute little nursery over on Stanley Street which has a cafe and giftshop.  The Cottage Nursery.  Well since the Clem 7 tunnel has been opened the original route was changed.  Narelle and I took the lead with Mel following.  Let me say one the first "Thank you Narelle for being the driver this time"OMG we had such a time getting there.  Stanley Street East is a one way and we were heading the opposite way.  First we got stuck on the Riverside Expressway and ended up doing the loop getting off at Margaret Street then back on the Expressway.  Mel took over the lead.  She had the Iphone with the GPS in it.  Anyway during the drive we got lost a few times.  Had plenty of laughs but we finally arrived at our destination about 45 minutes later.  The place was beautiful and thank goodness I haven't activated my credit card or I could of spent some serious money in there.
Lunch was amazing.  But we could of been anywhere having lunch.  It was the company.  The three of us get together every couple of months and just talk about anything.  Our family, holidays, hobbies,work everything you can think of.
Not having my camera there I would of loved to have taken loads of photos but had the mobile phone to use.  The menu was beautiful.  I had the Slow cooked Pork Belly with Lime and Cumquat butter sauce and Seared Scallops.  Yummy and for dessert we all picked the same thing.  Creme Brulee with Crossiant filled with Rose Water jelly.  We were in heaven.

The lunch went to quick and eventually it was time to go.  One more get to gether before Christmas.  The next one is at a Day Spa.  Our treat to ourselves.

Thanks Narelle and Mel for a fabulous Saturday.

Sue xx


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  1. What a wonderful idea having these get togethers!Yes the streets of Brisbane are becoming more difficult to get from point A to Point B. I've been a fan of Reverse Garbage from when I ran an Outside School Hours Care centre. From what you describe, it sounds even better than it used to be. (haven't been for years)