Saturday, September 1, 2012

Family Gathering

First of all I would love to wish all the Father's around the world a Happy Fathers Day.  We had a magical day here.  Being the second day of spring the weather is perfect.  Today we also had a birthday party to attend.  My youngest grandson celebrated his second birthday this week so a party was in order.  The day was full of tears, laughter, and of course the christening of the new play area that my son in law Adam built for Eli and their number 2 baby which is due in January.  I really love days like today when all the kids get together with all my grandbabies.  Bill and I are so blessed to have the most amazing children ever plus the added bonus of 4 adorable grandchildren and another on the way.  Life is so wonderful.
Its my party and I'll cry if I want too.
Catching bubbles.  3 of my 4 grandbabies.
I'm telling Grandma what you are doing!
Just playing in the sun.  Callum my oldest grandson.
Happy Birthday Eli.
What only one cupcake!

My four kids (Sorry 3 kids and hubby)

It truly was a magical day for the family to get together.
Sue  x


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  1. Looks like one happy family to me. You sound very content ... luck you! Sue