Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Lifestyle Change Begins......................................!

Well its only been a couple of days since I was given the news of change your lifestyle, eating habits, exercise regime and work on your stress levels or you will have a heart attack or stroke in the future.  I'm feeling quite good at the moment and have taken all the advice.  Funny how something can change your whole outlook on life.  There has been quite a few massive things that has happened in my life that has impacted me so much.  Meeting and marrying my man was a positive impact.  Birth of our children positive.  The loss of 2 sisters in 10 years was negative and at present I am not ready to be the 3rd sister.

I had a look at my eating habits of late which consisted of snack foods, food, wine, chocolate, pizza etc.  You get the idea.  So easy in the morning to throw in a couple of muesli bars a chocolate and a apple into my handbag to keep me going at work.  Very rarely would I actually have a lunch break away from the computer so was eating on the run.  Travelling through Brisbane in the car from one side of town to the other was probably the best lunch break I had.  The reason for the snack foods are easy to eat when you are driving.  Wasn't a breakfast person but occasionally may stop at the shop near work for a strong coffee to kick start the work morning with.  Funny by the time I got home and picked up William from his day service it was now close on 6pm.  I made sure most nights he had a cooked dinner which consisted of fish, salad and chips or spaghetti, or sausages.  Most nights I didn't eat as I didn't feel hungry.  Some nights I spend long hours creating candles, making soaps, wrapping soaps and filling and sending out orders for Green Me Up Granny.  Some nights I would have a glass or two of wine.  Friday nights were always Pizza Night.  William loves pizza night.  I would also stop at the bottle shop on the way home for a bottle or two of wine. 
Weekends consisted of catching up with family or setting up a market stall somewhere.  This also meant lots of fast foods or quick easy things to buy to eat.  Sausage Sizzles, Hamburgers etc.  You get the picture. 

As you can see my eating habits are were bad.  In a length of 5 days everything changed.

I really checked out websites, different diets, meal replacements, diet tablets etc to find out different ways to lose some weight.  The real issue I had with all of this was the four letter word DIET. 

I really don't like that word as I have tried so many DIETS over the years I don't want to set myself up to fail again.  All I need to do is to change my foods and exercise.  Walk. Walk, Walk.

Yesterday saw me purchase a Magic Bullet.

I love it.  My new toy that will play such a big part of my healthy lifestyle journey.  I have already started using it. 
My DH with my SIL also moved a massive Treadmill from my daughters place to here.  No easy feat as it was heavy as anything and of course didn't fit through any of the doors.  They had to pull it a part to get it inside.  It is all set up and yesterday I walked 1 km.  I know not much but it is to a person who is obese and doesn't exercise.  Slow steady steps. 
As you can see very little room to swing a cat around but the treadmill is in and I will continue the 1 km walk each day and slowly build up the speed and distance as the days progress.
My eating has changed.  I now have breakfast and its healthy. I have a healthy snack at morning tea..  Salad for lunch, piece of fruit or handful of almonds in the afternoon and a healthy dinner.  I also found this clear stuff in the tap here called water and starting to drink plenty of it.
I am not ready yet to advise the world of my current weight as I am embarrassed that I could let myself go so much.  I will put a couple of pictures up.  One of me when I met Bill all those years ago and one of me last week fishing.  You will then understand why I am not ready. 

I know I may not get back to the size I was when I was 17 but I am going to at least give it my best shot.  The weekend is fast approaching and I am sure being the first weekend it will be had but I know I can do it. 
Sue X

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