Monday, October 28, 2013

Courage Award goes to.............................................

Last Saturday was a very special day for our family.  This is the day that my eldest grandson Callum was being awarded for the "Children of Courage" Award through the Lions Club of Australia.   It truly was a great afternoon witnessing so many children receiving their awards and listening to their stories of the many obstacles they have had to overcome in their lives.  It made me really realise how lucky we are. Some of these  "Special children" have had to overcome major health issues that we would never want our children to have.  Some are confined to a wheelchair, ASD, and have various impairments but the one thing they all have in common is that they have shown great courage and bravery.  

You all may of read a previous blog I did on my other blog page about  State school issues with Callum and see the issues Callum was facing at school.  At the beginning it was so hard to see my grandson going through so much crap.   I hated to see my daughter having to deal with it but she did it.  Instead of sitting back and just being another family dealing with ASD in Queensland with little support from anyone my Grandson and mother fought back. 

I had tears in my eyes when Callum was called up to receive his award on Saturday.  This grandma was so proud.  You see Callum and I have this special bond and that will never ever change.  I truly adore all my grandchildren and treat them all the same.  I am blessed with 5 amazing grandbabies and can't wait to attend all their special moments in their lives.    

Thank you to the Lions club of Australia for this award.  This organisation does so many fantastic things for the community.


  1. What a wonderful ending to your sad that you all had to fight for what is Callum's rights. Your letter was so articulate and obviously got things going. Was the school being lazy , inefficient or just under resourced?

    1. Yes Maria, they were and they still are but my daughter found her voice and with some advice from her mum and some of her friends she has used it. It is sad to see these days that some schools even though they say they welcome children with disabilities they truth is they do it only for the funding and make the child and the family eventually feel unwelcome in the school.