Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Health Scare

Well it has been a turmoil over the last couple of days.  After spending a glorious week at Woodgate in Queensland I had to return to work on Monday.  (Will do another blog on our holiday).  Monday morning got out of bed not feeling the best.  Very light headed but new as a Manager I had to go to work as a week off meant that I had a weeks worth of work that I needed to catch up on plus deal with the normal things that I have to do.  Arrived at work just before 7am as I knew today would be a long day and would not get home until at least 6pm tonight.  How wrong was I. 

After arriving and unlocking dealing with the first issue of the morning which was staff telephoning in sick.  Agency staff organised.  The list continues.  Pays need to be done.  Staff claiming for days they weren't at work being denied.  Phone calls from my manager.  More things to do.  Variances due.  Some staff having issues completing time sheets.  Following up things that happened over the week.  Sifting through nearly 100 emails.  Reports to complete.  Clients arriving wanting me for different reasons.  Blah!  Blah !Blah!  The list is endless and I have only been at work just over 90 minutes.  The next hour was a bit of a blur.

Tightness in chest, aching arm, sweating, cold, dead arm feeling and staff are now telephoning ambulance.  Taken off to Prince Charles Hospital.  I won't go into anymore but I am home now but a big wake up call.

Green Me Up Granny needs to take control of her life.  Make some lifestyle changes and better choices or next time it could be a lot serious.

Need to cut out a lot of the foods that I have been eating.  More home cooked low fat foods.  More vegetable etc.  Everyone knows the rest.  More exercise.  Found this one a challenge since work hours and running a home business is very time consuming but going to try.

Love you to follow my journey.  Not returning to work until at least next Monday on a directive from my Manager. This gives me time to start and change a few things.

Today Bill is heading to the daughters place to pick up a treadmill for me.  We did a swap.  Then I need to start looking at the foods etc to eat and remove those processed foods from the cupboard, fridge and freezer.

Todays the start of my new and improved life.  I know it is not going to be easy but I need to make sure that I am still around for my grandchildren's weddings etc.  Plus Bill and I have just celebrated 27 years of marriage.  I want to see out at least 2 more life sentences with him. lol

Sue X

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  1. Sue how scary! All the best with those lifestyle changes but with your positive attitude you"ll achieve all that you have to. xx