Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scavenger Hunt- A book I would recommend.

Again this week I am joining in with Deb in her weekly scavenger hunt.  This week it is a book I would recommend.  I have so many but narrowed it down to one of my favourite recipe book that I truly would miss.  If you have ever watched the Gourmet Farmer with Matthew Evans then you really need to check out his books.  I have a couple of his plus his DVD's but this is the book that tells me everything I need to know about fresh food, homemade goodness.  This was a christmas gift from my daughter Sarah last year.  The Real Food Companion.


  1. Yes, I love this book. I have it and use it endlessly!

  2. I agree, one of my favourite recipe books!

  3. I have borrowed this book from the library a number of times and loved it. Maybe it's time I bought my own copy. I do have his "Winter On The Farm" which is beautifully illustrated and great recipes.

    1. Yes I have winter on the farm as well. Would you believe I picked that one up at ABC shop on clearance for $10.