Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sourdough Breadmaking

This week I attempted to make my own Sourdough Bread from scratch.  I found this amazing Australian Website with all the instructions called Sourdoughbaker which I followed nearly completely.  I have to admit on the first day I added a heaped teaspoon of Honey.  I also used Wholemeal Spelt Flour that I recently purchased a few weeks ago fromNorthey Street City Farm Sunday Organic Markets to see how it would go.  I followed the daily feeding of my starter and this morning at 7am I started making my Sourdough to the recipe on the web site.  The first 400gr of flour was Wholemeal Spelt but the remaining Flour was White Defiance Bread Flour which I normally use with my breadmaker.  I also made an error on when I added the salt.  I added at the beginning. (didn't read instructions properly) but as you can see above I have just finished making the second loaf.  The first loaf the grandchildren and the family ate most of it and my friend Joanna took the rest home.  The process of making this bread is long and I couldn't make it everyday but on a Sunday it would be great with some freshly made Bruchetta.  I still have half the starter left and I will start to feed it again tomorrow so I can make some more next week.  Maybe next week I can make some
Sourdough Pancakes.

Please check out the Sourdoughbaker website.  He truly has some great recipes and ideas.

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