Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Decorations to make.

I have a fantastic job.  Today I spent the day making Christmas Decorations at work.  These are so easy to make and our craft room had everything there to use.


All you need is an old Dolly Peg, Organza, elastic bands, Pipe Cleaner, Lace Ribbon or any sort of Ribbon.  A hot glue gun, some dolly hair and fine pen for face.

Fold the Organza like you would fold to make a fan.  Tie an Elastic band around the middle then attach it to the peg.  Fold the Pipe Cleaner into four and make the arms.  Wrap around the back of the Angel.  You can also glue this in place.  Grab some dolly hair and glue it on the top.  Make a bow out of the ribbon.  This is for the wings.  Glue onto the back of the doll.  Draw a face on your Angel.

I used a magnet on the back of mine so my Angel can be placed on the fridge.


Our reindeer is very simple to make.  All you need is 3 clothes pegs.  The ones I used were flat not rounded.  Glue 2 together the same way.  Then glue the 3rd one upside down on the top of the others.

Apply some black paint for the hooves.  Red for the nose and add some eyes.

Why not sit the kids down for the morning and let them create their own decorations.  This was such a great activity to do.

In the coming days I will show you what you can do with those old Encyclopedias lying around.

Make some awesome unique christmas decorations for 2011.

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