Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brand New Beginnings!

It really is amazing how your life continues to change with the times.  Who would of thought I would become a mother of 3 truly amazing children, grandmother of the most adorable grandchildren and wife of 25 years to a man who has stuck by me through good and bad times.

I look at my journey from my everchanging career which orginally started as a Checkout Chick 30 years ago and now working for one of the biggest Australian Non-for Profit Organisations for people with Disabilities as a Resource & Development Officer.

Along the way I have dedicated the last 3 years to Spoil & Indulge.  My business which will be retired at the end of the year.  Why you ask.  Well along the way I have rubbed shoulders with some truly inspirational people who like me have a passion in recycling, upcycling, Eco friendly and back to simple pleasures in life kind of living. 

Green me up Granny is a new journey for me which I will share my love of everything green to you.  From basic free green tips for your home.  Great cooking from your garden.  Organic beginnings! Recipes! Plus of course recycling and eco friendly products for you to purchase.  Plus great money saving tips. 

Along the way I will also interview other Inspirational People.


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