Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt- Our Pets.

Wow has the week flown or what.  I join Deb from Ramblings of a Square Peg in a round hole once again for the weekly hunt.  This week our pets.

I have one beautiful cat called Lucy.  Lucy has been with us for close on 12 years now.  Lucy is pure bred Burmese.  She is one of our children.

Always on the table.  Lucy is checking out our homegrown Sunflowers.
Catching some sun.



  1. She's beautiful Sue! But you would already know that tho' lol!

  2. Chocolate Cat! Love the sunflowers!

  3. Sue - Tesla and your Lucy are the same age! We keep telling Tesla he is getting
    old man cat butt"... he ignores us as cats do but we can tell he is reaching senior status and that makes us a bit sad. Our first cat we had as a married couple lived to be 17 years old. I sure hope Tesla has 5 more years with us. They truly are members of the family.