Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Fingerless gloves
Pink Fantasy Sweater Coat.

I have been sewing up a storm over the last 48 hours.  I enjoy creating one of a kind pieces and my latest pieces happen to be made from sweaters.  I love the different colours and different textures of the wool.  In all I have 4 coats ready for Friday Nights Twilight Market in the City.  I love the BrisStyle markets and love being part of a group of very talented women.  If you have never been to a BrisStyle Market you are missing out on seeing and meeting some very creative people.

All my new stock will be on display this Friday Night.  If you are after unique one of a kind you will certainly find it in King George Square.

Pink Fantasy with a hoodie

Natural Lip Balms

Upcycled Beanies

Sue X


  1. I looooove the sweater coat. I couldn't see it on Etsy. How much and what size??? Rachel xx

  2. Hi Rachel,

    It is truly amazing and lots of sewing. Picture doesn't do justice. Won't go on Etsy until after Friday Night Market. Market special is $220. It is a one only and there will never be another like this one in these colours.

  3. Geez, I totally love your lip balms and super luxurious soaps, I'm impressed that you made them. I used to also make goats milk, honey and redbush tea soap, etc, I had a french recipe soap book. I actually wanted to eat the soap it looked so good. you must love cosmetics allot like I do.
    My mom's cell phone drowned and died in the wishy washy about 3 weeks ago so I'm just going to buy her a replacement Tracfone LG500G qwerty keyboard phone for mothers day. Thank goodness the phone cost only $20 and $7/month for service. I'm putting it in a mug that will have a photo of my mom's mom on, she'll love that.