Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creative Sunday

What a creative Sunday it truly has been.  It started out heading out to the markets early in the morning.  I love going to the Treasure Market at the Redcliffe Showgrounds.  Full of fantastic finds.  I managed to find a orange chenille bedspread in fairly good condition.  This will be cleaned and aired and of course upcycled into something creative.

In the afternoon Sarah came over and we started taking some photo's of all her new stock she has been busy making.  By the way she is now a BrisStyler.  Anyway she needed a bit of coaching on how to sell on Etsy and how to take photo's for etsy listing.  This is her stall link here.  She has certainly made some beautiful banners and cushions to brighten up anyones room.

This in return got me thinking.  I have a bag of woollen offcuts I have left over from making my coats, gloves and scarves.  This is what I created .  This will certainly keep your head warm in winter. 

How was your weekend.  Was it creative as ours.

Have a wonderful week.

Sue x

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