Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One step for mankind

  Well it's been an long long time in between blogs considering since the beginning of October I have been sitting around with a broken ankle. Literally sitting around. Not really me since I like to be active. It has been an interesting 8 weeks so far. No work has been hard. Waiting for income insurance to be paid. Relying on hubby to do basically everything for me. Thankfully I could still go to the toilet by myself. Divinity once again went out the window. Eight casts later, 6 pins, 2 screws and a plate in my right ankle I am now sporting a moon boot. So much better than the plaster even though there was many colours to choose. One was pink before the operation but the last one was green.  It has been an interesting 8 weeks. Hubby hired a wheelchair for me so we could still got out.  What surprised me was how ignorant people are towards people with disabilities. I was actually doing the shopping one day and the male checkout operator would not even acknowledge me and would only speak to hubby and was quite annoyed that he had to move the pin pad down so I could pay for my purchases. Other things I found was people would literally step over the front of the wheelchair or cut in front of you.  I have also realised that this house we are in is the last highest we will ever be in. I can't wait for the day that I can once again walk up and down the stairs. Thankfully we have internal stairs or I would be putting on a show for the neighbourhood. Lol yes I am still crawling up the stairs on my knees and sliding down the stairs on my bottom. It is so great to have the moonboot now. I am starting to slowly walk again with a lot of help from mums walking frame which I hadn't got rid of yet. Finally I am able to havE a shower without a sporting a garbage bag. The moonboot has given me a bit more indepence but can't wait until I no longer need it.  Next Monday is my first day of physio so hopefully I can return to work in the new year.  I can't wait until I can drive again. So many things that I am looking forward in doing..  ... 

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