Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not all products are what they say they are- QV wash VS Handmade Natural Soap

It really makes me angry when people are mislead by major companies, ads on TV, Chemists and Doctors when people go to get advice on any sort of rashes, eczema or even people who have delicate skins especially babies.  We all want to do what is best for our children.  We listen to chemists and doctors because apparently they know best.  Or do they.  Do you ever think how much kick back they get from major companies to promote their products.

Over the years of soap making, attending markets etc I have heard so many comments like.  Ï can't use soap I get a rash.  The doctor has told me I am allergic to soap.  Soap is bad for you.  I can only use liquid soap.  Soap has dangerous chemicals in it.   The list is endless.  You ask any soap maker and they all get the same statements made at them. 

Today I went to the supermarket with my daughter and she mentioned to me that she found a ECO soap at Woolworths the other day which was lemongrass.  It smelt so nice but the list of ingredients on the back was daunting.  Even though it was only about $1.50 a bar she said no.  Yes I to am wondering why she was looking at soap in a supermarket but won't go there.  lol  Any way she showed me the soap and I deciphered the ingredients list.  First ingredient was Palm Oil then Coconut oil then loads of chemicals including SLSA which is a foaming agent which is also used in car wash, degreaser etc....... I personally wouldn't use it.

Another thing that really worries me is those Washes.  Especially QV Wash.  Have you read the ingredients.  Do you know what they are.   Ok lets first look at handmade Soap and what is in that or what is in the ones I make.

Sunflower, Olive, Coconut, Grapeseed Oils, Water, depending on the liquids if I am making a Goatsmilk Soap I actually use Goatsmilk.  Not powdered but real Goatsmilk.  If I scent it I will use either essential oils or fragrances especially made for soaps.  Colours may be natural clays, natural colouring or skin safe colours.  I list all my ingredients from largest amount used to smallest.
Yes when you make soap you need to use caustic soda.  No matter what any other soap seller says if you don't use caustic soda you can't make soap.  Even those pretty clear soaps you buy have caustic in them.  Most people buy the base already made up so they don't actually have to use caustic and all they need to do is melt it down and add colour and fragrance.  The hard work is all done.  But did you also know that when you buy that handmade soap the caustic is gone.  There is no active caustic in that bar of soap.  It is safe for you and your family to use.

Now lets look at QV Wash.  I have a customer who I met through my husbands work who had been using this for years as he suffered from really bad eczema and the doctor told him that soap was bad for him and he could only use this product.  He hasn't used QV for quite a few years and is a regular customer of my Goats milk Soap.

I am going to now let you know about all those ingredients on the back of that bottle of QV wash and what they mean.

Aqua - Water (that's fine)
Sodium Lauryl sulphate- Is a detergent, a crystalline salt of sufated lauryl alcohol which is also used in degreaser and floor cleaners.
Glycerin- No problem with this.  My handmade soaps have glycerine in them. 
Lauryl Betaine- Synthetic Vegetable Derived Liquid.
Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate- this is a preservative but there are better more natural preservatives on the market.
Sodium cocylisethionate- sodium salt derived from coconut oil
Peg 120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate- this is a thickner.  But some studies in America have linked it to breast cancer.  This should not be used on broken skin.
Glycol distearate- Chemical compound emollient.  This is a pearlizing agent. This makes it white.
Methyl Paraben- An anti fungal agent.  This is a controversy ingredient.  There has been some concerns over Parabens in products as it has been known to disrupt hormone functions and is also linked to increase risk of cancer.
Citric Acid- Not harmful
Propyl Paraben- Again another paraben.  Paraben is bad for you and should be avoided.  Quite a few products are out on the market that are Paraben Free.

The list above is scary isn't.  Would I use this wash.  NO not in a million years.  Are there better products on the market.  YES  Plain handmade soap.   That's all you need.  Handmade soaps with Milk are great.  Whether you buy my soap or another soapmakers soap they can tell you exactly what is in their products.  No chemicals, no nasties just plain soap.

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  1. Thanks for that info Sue, Yes all those chemicals scare the life out of me !