Saturday, August 25, 2012

Recycling Jars Tutorial

I always have so many jars around.  I either use them for preserving, jam making, storing items in.  Over the last few weeks I have decided to pretty them up.  This is a great way to spend an afternoon crafting with the children.

You will need clean dry  jars with the label removed.  It doesn't matter on the size or shape even though working with a smooth round jar is easier the hexagon jars.

You will also need to purchase a few items from the shop.  Some Epsom salts.  A box of this is about $6 at the supermarket.  Food colouring to colour the salts. Mod Podge and a clear sealant that you can pick up at any good craft supplier.  I have a Riot store at North Lakes Westfield which is fairly close by or Spotlight will have them.

If you have some disposable cups these are great to store your salts in.  To colour your salts all you need to do is put some salts in a cup and add a few drops of colour and then mix the colour in.  So simple.   

Pour some Mod Podge on a old plate.  Roll your jar in the glue making sure the surface is fully covered.  Don't worry about under the jar.  

Pour your coloured salts on another old plate in any pattern you choose.  You may only want one colour or you may do a rainbow effect.  Your choice.

Roll your jar into the salt making sure the jar is covered.

Set aside for it to dry.  Once dry spray with clear sealant.
I am turning my salt art jars into candle jars.   The painted jars are really easy as well.  Make sure you have acrylic paints.  Pour a colour inside the bottom of the jar and roll it around so the excess is covering the glass.  Slowly pour more paint inside and repeat the rolling of the jar.  Use as many colours as you like.  Set aside to dry.  This will take up to a couple of days.  Once dry spray the inside with the sealant.
All these jars will look beautiful on display.   Most of all have fun.


  1. Clever you. I keep mine for my lemon curd and jams. Every now and again I have to go through the lot and move some on with the goodies inside of course. Take care Sue.

    1. I always have an abundance of jars and hate to throw them out. These look so pretty